5 Questions to Ask Your Credit Card Company Today

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Credit Card Company

5 Questions to Ask Your Credit Card Company Today

Do you have a credit card? Do you remember the last time you were in contact with your credit card company? Do you have questions that you want to ask?

Most people don’t get excited about contacting their credit card company, but it’s not something you should shy away from. There are times when this is a good idea. There are also times when it’s necessary.

While it’s up to you to decide when to contact your credit card company and what to ask, here are some questions that may move to the forefront of your mind:

  • Do I qualify for better terms and conditions?

    For example, if your interest rate is higher than average, ask if there’s anything they can do to assist you. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask to get what you want. You may be surprised at what types of terms and conditions are available to you, especially if you’re a long-time customer with a strong track record of paying your bill on time.

  • Can you waive the fee on my most recent statement?

    Even though the answer may be no, it’s a question that’s worth asking. If nothing else, you can learn more about the reason for the fee and the steps you can take to avoid it in the future. Of course, if you’re lucky, the person you speak with will be able to help.

  • Do you have another credit card that would suit me better?

    Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to travel a lot, but you have a cash back credit card. Ask your credit card company if they have any travel rewards offers that better suit you.

  • When is my payment due?

    If you don’t know the answer to this question, ask today. Neglecting to do so could lead you to make a late payment, which costs you money. Along with this, should the payment be extremely late, it could result in a red mark on your credit report.

  • I don’t recognize a charge. What should I do about it?

    If there’s a charge on your credit card that you don’t recognize, it’s critical that you consult with your credit card company as soon as possible. You shouldn’t have to pay for a charge that you didn’t make. Also, your credit card company can issue you a new card in case the numbers associated with your current card have been stolen.

Final Thoughts

These are just a handful of the many questions to ask your credit card company today (or when the need arises).

The key takeaway is that you should never hesitate to reach out to your credit card company for assistance.

When was the last time you contacted your credit card company? What did you ask them? Were they able to help?

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