Instant Approval* / $750 Line of Credit*

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Group One Platinum Card

Instant Approval* / $750 Line of Credit*

For many, times are tough and rebuilding good credit can be even tougher.

The Group One Platinum Card gives consumers spending power when they need it most, all while establishing a positive credit file.

The Group One Platinum Card is a catalog card issued by Horizon Card Services. While the card can only be used to make purchases at the online store provided by Horizon Card Services, it is a good way for individuals to build or repair their credit. This interest-free card allows users the freedom to continue to purchase desired items, while reporting timely payments to the top credit bureaus to establish a solid credit standing.

Card Details
  • $750 Limit (Usable only at
  • No Employment or Credit Check
  • Bad Credit, No Credit? No Problem!
  • Fast and Easy Application
What’s great

Many consumers will find several attractive selling points for this merchandise card.

No credit checks

The Group One Platinum Card do not perform any credit checks, so damaged or insufficient credit won’t prevent applicants from account approval and there is no hard credit check that could impact credit scores.

No employment check

Individuals with non-traditional income sources such as cash work or self-employment don’t need to worry about proof of employment to qualify for this card. The Group One Platinum Card does not perform employment checks.

No interest rate

The Group One Platinum Card does not charge any interest on purchases or for any balance carried. For individuals making an effort to repair their credit, this is a good way to do so without risking unnecessary spending.

Easy Application

The application for the Group One Platinum Card is quick and simple, and can be completed online.

Fair Credit Limits

Unlike some cards that offer very minimal credit limits that teeter on useless, or steep limits that could be troublesome, the Group One Platinum Card offers a reasonable starting credit limit of $750.

Established Issuer

The Group One Platinum Card is part of a large offering of credit products from Horizon Card Services. This particular card has been issued since 2006 so it is an established card with satisfied customers.

How it Helps

Bad credit doesn’t need to last forever. The Group One Platinum Card can help repair damaged credit helping its members to secure a responsible credit line, report positive credit activity to credit bureaus and keep revolving balances low with zero interest financing.

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