How to Get a Credit Card Spending Limit Increase

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How to Get a Credit Card Spending Limit Increase

Are you the type of person who uses their credit card for almost every purchase? Are you beginning to realize that you could benefit from a higher limit? Do you have questions about how to get a higher limit on the credit card that you already have?

Generally speaking, there are four ways to get a credit card spending limit increase. 

1. Call your credit card issuer

This is often the quickest way to request an increase. Call the number on the back of your card, explain your situation, and let the customer service agent walk you through the process. They only require basic information, such as the reason for wanting an increase, to submit your request. 

2. File a request online

Depending on your credit card issuer, your only option may be to make a request online. This is often easier than calling on the phone, as you control the entire process from start to finish. Just the same as making a phone call, you won’t need much information to file a request for a credit increase. 

3. Wait for an automatic increase

There’s no way of knowing if it’s coming, but your credit card company may provide an automatic increase from time to time. This is beneficial, as you don’t have to put any work in yourself. 

Tip: If you’re wondering if your issuer will automatically increase your credit spending limit, contact them and ask about their process. This can save you from contacting them in the future to make a request.

Should all of the above fail you, it may be best to apply for a new card. This is a particularly good idea if you have excellent credit and know that you’ll qualify for various offers. Even if your new credit card doesn’t have as high of a limit as you would like, when combined with your current card you still end up on top.

Final Thoughts

There may come a time when you need a credit card spending limit increase. Fortunately, there are no shortage of ways to make this happen.

The only thing to worry about is gaining access to more credit when you’re not responsible with the limit you already have. This can result in you burying yourself in even more debt.

When was the last time you requested a credit card spending limit increase? Were you satisfied with the end result? 

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